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Luxury hotel near the Vatican

D.O.M. Hotel, private luxury hotel near the Vatican

Be sure to book a luxury hotel near the Vatican if you are planning to both visit the Holy See and enjoy the finest comfort. D.O.M. Hotel provides a convenient location near some of the Italian Capital’s most famous attractions while at the same time being set apart from crowded streets.


By staying at one of our 18 spacious accommodations you will experience firsthand their soothing atmosphere, blending timeless beauty and modern amenities. Every bedroom and suite faces the prestigious Via Giulia, a quiet corner concealed from the frantic pace of the Metropolis.


Reach the Papal State in a 15 minutes walk from our 5 star structure. Once you get there you will see the majestic St. Peter’s Square. surrounded by its colossal Doric colonnades. From there you can go to the Basilica, enter Castel Sant’Angelo or  go to the Sistine Chapel and marvel at the astonishing Frescoes painted by Michelangelo. If you arrive on the right occasion, you may even get the chance to witness the Pope holding mass.


Afterwards you could go through the nearby shopping districts or come back to our premises. You can either rest at your room or relax at our 25 square meter terrace and taste the dishes of our Verve restaurant.


Feel free to contact us if you need to know more about our luxury hotel near the Vatican. Our staff will be glad to answer you and take reservations.

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